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5 Good ways to reduce your stationary bill

With Christmas always being a tough time for employee’s the next few months are vital for saving money wherever possible.Companies and employers alike we will all be feeling the woes of the Christmas period and with the increase in the price of running an office all companies will want to jump at the chance to save some pennies and reduce the outgoings in order to make financial savings.

In today’s article I intend on giving you 5 good ways to reduce your stationary bill within your office.

Reducing what you use

If like so many companies you seem to be constantly reordering new supplies of pens and other stationary maybe it’s time you asked yourself why? So many people who work within office environments for some reason seem to enjoy accumulating a large supply of office stationary within desks and drawers, and therefore are using more equipment than they actually need.

By simply prompting staff to checking what supplies they have at hand before actually taking more could easily save you money long term; especially within the bigger companies who have hundreds of employee’s.

Paper is one of the most overused and wasted pieces of equipment within the office. Not only does this affect the companies’ bills but it is also causing harm to the environment, by encouraging staff to send emails with documentations instead of printing them out and printing on both sides is an easy way of saving. Not only will encouraging staff to work from their computer instead of off paper will save you paper but also ink too.

Reusing whenever possible

This next tip is really linked to point one that I have just made on ‘reducing what you can’, if you don’t think you can expect everybody to cut back on stationary they use then ensuring they maximise the usage out of it is essential.

Paper is definitely the most over used piece of stationary in the office and even things like storing scrap paper for taking notes on instead of a new note pad make a difference in the long run.

Organisation is the key

So many companies will admit they may not be the best organised when it comes to their stationary simply because there are more important things to do. But being organised is an easy way of saving money, this way you are not likely to be spending money on things you don’t actually need.

Along with this knowing what you have a lot of and what you are in need of will allow you to purchase things in bulk, therefore get better prices for items you are looking to buy. However buying in bulk can save money, but it can also waste money too; don’t go buying a huge amount of ‘ring binders’ if it is going to take you a decade to use them.

This is why I would advise if you don’t already to start doing a semi-regular stock take for your stationary in order to know what you will need and giving you a rough idea of when you will need it too.

Make sure you shop around

One huge positive when it comes to purchasing stationary is the fact that there are so many different places around selling what you will need. This gives you the opportunity to negotiate with different suppliers and get the best deal possible, playing the field if you like.

If you take the time to look around and visit different high street stores while also checking online suppliers you are bound to find some great offers on cheap stationary. One thing you will find with purchasing from online retailers is that a lot will offer you free delivery saving you money on having to pick it up or paying for it at stores.

Considering a change of culture

All of the tips above are fairly easy to follow but it doesn’t really make a huge difference unless there is a change of culture within your office and business environment.

Maybe just a simple congratulation to members of staff for sticking to these rules, if you see an improvement or a slight warning if not may encourage everybody to do their bit and help the company save money where possible.



Written by Ryan Hirst

Hi I'm Ryan and I am the online marketing assistant at Eurofit Direct. My role includes contributing to the company blog and managing the Eurofit Direct Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find me on twitter at @RyanWHirst and on Google+ here