A guide to investing in worthwhile bathroom improvements

When it comes to the home there are so many improvements we can make that will add value to the home, so more than others and there are always some that will cost more than they are worth. The bathroom is probably known as one of the most neglected rooms in the home but over the last few years has actually been a room more money has been spent on. In today’s article I intend on giving you a guide to investing in worthwhile bathroom improvements.

What you need to know

  • Making the right home improvements can add substantial value to your property, investing in the right bathroom improvements can in fact have huge advantages in the long term scheme; it’s always nice to see we can make some money as well as improve our living space.
  • If you are looking to make improvements that will help when selling your home things such as updating shower curtains and adding contemporary taps are all worthwhile and also affordable. They increase the appeal of your home on a budget.
  • You need to plan in advance any project you plan on doing; this can make all the difference to the perfect finish. Knowing what you need and how you are going to complete the job can save you time and money in the long run. If you are completing any projects by DIY it is a good idea to have a professionals opinion first and foremost.
  •  Search the web, watch television shows and also look in trusted magazines for some great inspiration for any bathroom project. Knowing how other people would do similar jobs can help you know a bit more about what the market is looking for.
  • If you are on a reasonably high budget it can be a good idea to hire a professional interior designer or architect to design your bathroom for you. Having someone on board who will have completed hundreds of jobs like yours is always a confidence boost; however this can be a fairly expensive project.
  • If you know that someday in the near future you will be looking to sell your home, decorating with bright, bold and personalised colours is probably not the best idea. Instead look for neutral colours that work well and are more likely to impress a wider target audience.

The benefits of spending money on bathroom improvements

With the state of the economy in the UK right now and homeowners finding it ever difficult to sell their homes many are looking to improve their homes instead of sell. Experts have suggested recently that the bathroom is probably the most likely room for any DIY enthusiast to have a go at improving. This may be down to the fact that it is usually a smaller room than most.

Matthew Piner who is a retail analyst spoke at the ‘Totally DIY show’ at Birmingham NEC recently and he noted how once upon a time the garden and the kitchen were the big rooms for improvement and DIY lovers however in the present the bathroom seems to be the room targeted for improvement.

If you are looking to improve your home ready for sale doing jobs within the bathroom is one way of increasing the likeliness of sale. Having rooms ready for a buyer to move into is something that most will dream of.

Investing your money wisely is important

Whether you have a huge budget or a relatively small one, you should always ensure you are spending your money wisely. Although you may love the thought of gold taps or a turquoise hot tub they may not be the best things in the world for when it comes to adding value to your home, or in fact selling it. Neutral styles are more appealing to estate agents and buyers alike.

Flooring is one of the main things we should be investing in; one that is durable while also attractive is a good idea. When people purchase under floor heating it may seem like a good idea at the time but the money you have to spend on buying it could have been better spent elsewhere, this is not an essential and more of a personal improvement.

Take time to plan every little aspect of your bathroom, from the colour of your flannels too the shape of your bath, if done properly you can easily create that bathroom you have always dreamed of.

Written by Ryan Hirst

Hi I'm Ryan and I am the online marketing assistant at Eurofit Direct. My role includes contributing to the company blog and managing the Eurofit Direct Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find me on twitter at @RyanWHirst and on Google+ here