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Give your garage its own character

Your home says a lot about you, the theme around somebodies home is usually a good way of learning about the sort of character they are. Everyone’s home will be completely individual, their own little haven. Within our homes there are many ways we can give it a character and with more and more people looking to add value to their home the garage gives us the opportunity to do so with the chance of adding an extra room. In today’s article I intend to show you how to give your garage its own character.

When it comes to the garage many people will admit they haven’t really used it to its full advantage and in a lot of cases the garage is just an area or room in which we store our unused equipment, or it may just simply be the most neglected part of your home, this doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact you should view your garage as the chance to add to your home, with its own unique character or style, reflecting on your personality. Here are four good decorating ideas for adding character to your garage.

Using the floor of your garage


If you want your garage to be the best it can possibly be then having the right flooring is vital. One cool flooring idea that can really bring your garage to life is making your floor look like a race track, or a proper road. This would be done by using a proper industrial flooring paint; if you want to use this sort of technique then I would have a professional interior design on board to get the best possible finish. Another good idea could be to use the traditional chequered flag look seen in this photograph below, with this style you can also project a workshop feel also.


Lighting your garage

Just like any other room in your home, a good lighting system is essential. The lighting in any room in your home projects a good vibe. An idea that I particularly like is using neon lights, this will create the perfect ‘pimp’ or ‘street’ feel to your garage while also still giving you plenty of light around the place. An easy way of adding colour to your garage can be adding bright coloured spotlights into the flooring or the walls, just like you may be familiar with seeing in the bathroom or kitchen in modernised homes.

Using all of the walls in your garage


When you think of the space within your garage the walls will be without a doubt the biggest surface area to manage, and use this to add the theme you want to perfection. Depending on the theme you want to give off in your garage you can add accessories to the walls. I have already spoken about how you can add spotlights to the walls but one idea that I really like the use of mural paintings. This gives you the opportunity to create an outside feel to your garage while being inside. Set any picture esc vibe you want, for example a gorgeous countryside view or a warm beach filled with exotic palm trees, or even a jungle with your favourite animals. Here is one design idea I truly love.

A designer home gym in the garage

A home gym is probably one of the more appealing designs for most when it comes to redesigning your garage. The thought of not having to leave your home to work out is something most people would love. The design and layout of this room can be however you deem appropriate however I like the thought of adding an almost ‘retro’ feel to it. How about having some colourful lockers? And also including a bench and cloth hangers, a proper changing facility within. Along with this you could even add a proper shower room, somewhere to wash off and cool down after a long workout. Going back to the use of walls adding some inspiring photographs of your favourite sporting moments can work well and I would advise anyone who is using the home gym option to do so.

A DIY tip for creating the perfect garage space from a motoring blogger:

 Arvid Linde, a motoring journalist and a blogger at says: “A garage provides the bloke with that much needed space to express himself. A territory where your better half has no power to intervene. There are two quick wins for an outstanding garage: shelving and wall art. The shelves are an easy DIY job and they make your workspace organised and pleasant. As far as the wall art is concerned, have you ever wanted to try graffiti without getting an ASBO? Well, this is your perfect opportunity. The good thing with graffiti is that you don’t need to be a professional artist to do it and you can quickly undo a bad attempt by spraying another layer on top. If that doesn’t sound like a good option, you could get a washable photo wallpaper of your dream car.”

Written by Ryan Hirst

Hi I'm Ryan and I am the online marketing assistant at Eurofit Direct. My role includes contributing to the company blog and managing the Eurofit Direct Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find me on twitter at @RyanWHirst and on Google+ here