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Throughout the United Kingdom, and indeed the rest of the World, the concept and thought of working from home has become much more than a reality; in fact many companies allow workers to spend time working on projects from their own home. This trend is taking over the employee’s lifestyles and homeowners alike.

With this being said more and more people are converting that spare room into a home office to accommodate their work life. When we think about the workplace, simple is usually better, but with a home office we can be more creative, without employers to please with layout and design a home office allows us to build an individual haven perfect for our own individual aspirations.

Just like any normal office space design is important but there are also many other factors to take into consideration; for example, have you even thought about what office furniture you want?

Home office furniture solutions

Home office furniture will have some similarities to the standard business office however there will also be a fair few differences too. In terms of layout there will usually only be one desk in a home office, compare this to a call centre which may have rows upon rows of bench desks.

You need to think about what you want from your furniture; for example it may be that you are not too bothered about style and would prefer to go for a budget option desk and chair along with filing cabinets and a coffee table if you deem appropriate.

However selecting budget option furniture will not only have consequences on the look and style of your office but also on your health – office ergonomics is important even in a home office.  Along with this it is more than likely that budget furniture to be much less durable and I would not advise it if you are looking for a long term office solution.

In terms of your desk think about whether or not you need plenty of room, are you going to have just your computer based here? Or is your desk going to have a phone, speakers and maybe even be where you plan on completing written work… If so then you need to ensure you select a desk with plenty of surface area. Also it may be a good idea to incorporate storage space within your desk, you could purchase a desk with drawers already in place; why not look at buying a desk with enough leg room for a filing cabinet? This can ensure the cabinet is out of sight to the naked eye and any guests so it is not disrupting your design.

This brings me onto my next point, your storage solutions in your home office…

What storage options in your home office?

In either a large business office or your home office storage space is a must, we need to be well organised while not affecting the layout and design of the space to much. Filing cabinets are one of the most popular for obvious reasons; they allow documents to be kept in an orderly fashion however they’re never the most good looking storage solution, especially for a home.

For more attractive looking storage solutions why not look at purchasing a cupboard that fits your design? Although these may take up more room they also provide a much larger storage option while also allowing you to work with the design and theme you want to portray.

The third storage option is the simple drawer system; this is probably the most traditional option and can again be incorporated into your office design. While not offering as much security as the filing cabinet or the cupboard the drawer system is still one of the best storage options in modern day offices.

Home office security ideas

Ask any homeowner what their main worry is and most of them will mention security. If you intend on creating a home office then home security should become even more important, this is because you are potentially earning your living from there – and you will no doubt have computers, printers and other technology in your office.

With this in mind you need to be extra careful to protect yourself from burglars, vandals and also fire hazards.

Here are three great options for home office and home security in general:

–          Motion sensors for alarms

–          CCTV cameras

Although these options are fairly expensive they are worthwhile instalments after all there is no guarantee that a simple home alarm is going to be enough. Also you need to equip yourself in case any unfortunate accident happens, especially with all the electronic equipment in the office. While you should already have a smoke alarm in your home it is always a good idea to have on installed within your office space too.

Security can also include backups for your data, to protect you from accidentally losing files, or in the worse case, fire or flood damage.  Make sure you are backing up your files regularly just in case for some reason anything goes wrong, you don’t want to lose important documents. There are many ‘cloud’ solutions for files, including free options, that can store your important computer files off site and ensure you can access them from anywhere.

Home office décor and design

Our home office is not only somewhere which our business is run but it is also part of our home, so we should ensure we spend plenty of time working on its design. After all it can be a great way of bringing creativity into the mind, while also improving our homes valuation.

Because of this you need to know what theme you want to go for, first and foremost think creative. Plants are one thing that can work well in an office space as they can actually influence humans work and improve how creative our mind is. I like natural designs within the office and I intend to stick with simple but effective accessories that can help the brain think outside of the box as it were.

One design idea that I particularly like in the office is using inspirational photographs and pictures on wall space; we want to be inspired and there is no better way to do so than through success stories.

office furniture style


4 of our favourite blog posts for home office inspiration

I have decided to include 4 blog posts that I loved from different websites we follow – all in the home and interior design niche, with a slant towards home office design.

A Pair & A Spare

A pair & a share

The first one comes from the ‘A Pair & A Spare’ blog and continues on from my point about an inspirational wall in your home office.

Geneva Vanderzeli who created and runs this blog and is also the author of the book ‘DIY Fashionista’ shows how the use of clipboards filled with photographs, pictures and notes and even quotes can be add creativity while quality to a room in your home. I believe this quirky design tip would work perfect in the home office and can be created on a very low budget.

Read the blog post: DIY HOME – Clipboard inspirational wall

For more glorious tips and tricks for your home and fashion make sure you follow her twitter account too https://twitter.com/apairandaspare

Architecture Art Design


The next post I urge you to take a look at is this wonderful piece from the guys at ‘Architecture Art Design’ on ’25 luxury and unusual minimalist office designs’. Although all of these photographs shown are from fairly big companies offices I think it gives us all a bit of inspiration on what can be achieved.

For example I love photograph number 12… This office space is literally as simple as it gets, one large desk, a computer and the use of natural colours. I am a big fan of the use of artificial grass in this office space as you can see from this article on the Eurofit Direct Blog on ‘using green grass in the office’.

Read the blog post: 25 luxury and unusual minimalist office designs

For more information on the guys at Architecture Art Design why not check out their twitter page here https://twitter.com/ArchiArtDesigns

Style Motivation


If you are looking for design inspiration, look no further than the guys at ‘Style Motivation’. They do exactly what their name says; they inspire and motivate their followers and readers for style and creativity.

Today I have chosen a piece from these guys on ’25 great home office décor ideas’.  Although there is not alot of text in this piece, the photographs do more than enough to inspire any homeowner looking to create their perfect home office.

Check out photograph number 5 for example; The guys show in this home office the use of natural colours and décor in a small space while also providing plenty of room for storage and creativity. Photographs and other accessories are used in this space and everything just seems so homely while in the workplace, what more could you want from a home office?

Read the blog post: 25 great home office décor ideas

Follow Style motivation on twitter here https://twitter.com/StyleMotivation

Easy Living

easy living.co.uk

‘Easy Living’ are without doubt one of the greatest magazines and also online design based companies around; their site is packed full with design tips and advice for the public. Whether you’re looking to improve your fashion sense or improve the style of your home, these guys cover it.

I have decided to include a blog post from these guys called; ‘The workspaces we really want’. Within this post there are plenty of different home office ideas to die for. Packed with design inspiration there is something for everyone, if you’re looking for a clean and contemporary style they have it covered or perhaps you need some creativity? If so check out this amazing ‘Creative Colour‘ workspace.

This home office incorporates design by using natural colours such as greens and blues while using a world map as the background on the main wall. Why wouldn’t you want this home office?

Read the blog post: ‘The workspaces we really want

If you don’t already I would urge any design lovers to follow these guys on twitter here: https://twitter.com/EasyLivingMag

Written by Ryan Hirst

Hi I'm Ryan and I am the online marketing assistant at Eurofit Direct. My role includes contributing to the company blog and managing the Eurofit Direct Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find me on twitter at @RyanWHirst and on Google+ here
  • Nowadays security come first for home as well as offices so i think CCTV cameras are the best option to watch each and every movement happen in your home and office.