How to split a large room into three

In some homes we may be fortunate enough to have enough space for everything we need, and more, but not everybody has that luxury. This can mean we need to turn one of our larger rooms into a multipurpose one. In this article I intend to explain how to split a large room into three useful areas.

When it comes to this sort of job it is vital we always use colours, ornaments and furniture to our advantage. One thing I would say that really can make a huge difference is multipurpose furniture. I say this because obviously you are saving space due to the fact the furniture does more than one job.

Choosing the right colours is also a huge task, if the aim of your job is to ensure you can see a difference in parts of the room, for example in the video at the end of this article there is a foyer, living room and dining area. You should select appropriate colour schemes when appropriate. Using light colours will make each part feel more spacious however it may seem more of an option to use bold colours to empathise the differences as you move through the three areas.

Multipurpose furniture

This is one of the biggest things in my opinion when it comes to making a large room into three separate living areas. As we see in the video at the end of the article, using multipurpose furniture means that you can make the most of the space provided. We see a fantastic piece of architecture in the video, which in my opinion shows the true beauty of multipurpose furniture, which is the breakfast bar/shelving combination. Other examples include using a stylish, comfy bench for the dining table; this also is a piece of furniture which can in fact be moved into the living area for when friends visit.

Here is a short video we found on YouTube that is helpful when it comes to splitting a large room. This video was supplied by Lamps Plus and they have a very useful blog also which you can view here.

Written by Ryan Hirst

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