Kitchens – Heart Of The Home – infographic

Here at Eurofit Direct we firmly believe Kitchens are the Heart Of The Home – and with that in mind we took a look at some facts and figures related to kitchens and cupboards. Some of the facts we put together were very surprising to us, we hope you agree.

Here is an infographic with the results and…please feel free to put it on your blog, twitter or facebook :) – All we ask is that you write a unique sentence/paragraph to go with it, and please include the link back to us.


Kitchens – Heart Of The Home

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Written by Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones is the Marketing Manager for Eurofit Direct, he chips in on the blog from time-to-time with company news and updates.
  • Amy

    Very good presentation about the  kitchen using the infographic, clever idea I like it.
    I belong to those who spend more time in kitchen than any other area in the house :)

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  • marcia001

    I agree with you. For those who love to cook food should see this. With this they would understand the real meaning of Kitchens. Well done

  • Edwin Torres

    Very nice template!!!! Is there any  template related to Furniture
    stores and Italian furnitures?

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