Look out for the Eurofit Direct car!

Look out for the Eurofit Direct car – This month has seen the introduction of a brand new 62 plate VW Polo – fresh with Eurofit’s bright artwork.

Eurofit Direct on the road

As part of the on-going quest to make the Eurofit Direct brand a recognised name, we have decided to be bright and bold with the company colours for all to see.  The car features the company green and orange. as well as a list of all product categories subtly faded into the artwork following the line of the orange curve.

It is said that we drive on average 15,000 miles a year, and in that time you will pass in front of around 9 million people – imagine if even a tiny percentage of them people remembered the name?  That’s the way we looked at it – in fact we’ve already had numerous comments about seeing the car driving around so it seems to be working already.

Look out for the Eurofit Direct car driving around Beverley and East Yorkshire, as well as being centre stage at the entrance to our warehouse and offices on Barmston Road, Beverley.

The car can also be seen near the footbridge at the KC Stadium at every Hull City match day!


Written by Adam Rawson

I'm the marketing assistant for Eurofit Systems. I deal with media production and also contribute to the blog where I can.