Office arrangement ideas – Feng Shui

Whether you’re looking to arrange your large work office or your relatively small home office you can improve productivity and profit by applying some easy Feng Shui office arrangement tips.  The principles of Feng Shui are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of universal interdependence.

This philosophy says that humans and their environment influence each other in a cycle that ultimately determines their destinies. Feng Shui works to provide a harmonious place between men and women, which can typically be difficult with the stress of working life.

In today’s article I will explain how to improve your offices arrangement using Feng Shui.

Lighting arrangements

Lighting is one of the most important factors to consider in your office space, especially natural lighting. This is loved by pretty much all Feng Shui experts. If you can use window light that looks out into a pleasant horizon then ensure you’re making the most of it; it’s a great way to improve happiness in the workplace.

If your office does have windows then think about adding mirrors opposite them, I say this because you can enhance the light around the room. Use the mirrors not only to reflect light but also to project the views around the office. This will provide positive energy.

You should know that most interior lighting will reflect the flow of ch’i in your office space. Try to avoid using artificial lighting wherever possible in order to stay away from distractions. I say this because many types interior lighting will make some form of noise or slight flickering, both of which have a negative effect on staff morale and productivity.

Bring plants into the office

Plants not only improve the look of our office spaces but they also improve our happiness, it’s down to the natural oxygen they give off. Being around plants will help to reduce stress while also improve humidity and reduce noise in the work space.

You don’t need to place a plant on every single employee’s desk but placing a few strategically around the office and where your employees spend their breaks will help. Purchase some good quality specimens and place them appropriately.

Seating arrangements

You should try to make your chairs in the office the centre point of power, do this by placing them in a triangle facing the desk. You can turn chairs inwards to stimulate the ba-gua Feng Shui shape.

Think about also trying to place chairs opposite each other, this will encourage comfortable conversation too. You want your employees to be able to exchange information with each other and feel happy doing so, your seating arrangements can make the difference.

If your staff like the layout and seating arrangements they are more likely to produce a better standard of work which in turn will improve profit for your company, the perfect solution.

How to deal with small office spaces

Small spaces can become very depressing if we don’t deal with them; Feng Shui focuses on opening up these spaces. Get rid of any unneeded items in your office space and free up your desk to allow you to open your mind.

If you are lucky enough to think about desk placement in your small office space then try to avoid placing the desk near a door, I say this because it can in fact cause a distraction. It will make you think about leaving work instead of how to work to the best of your ability.

In smaller spaces you may not be able to select a great amount of furniture but you can use wall space to ensure that you are still organised. Add storage options on walls and also think about adding pieces of art and inspiration. This way you’re not using up any of your much needed space but you can still improve how enjoyable your office space is.







Written by Ryan Hirst

Hi I'm Ryan and I am the online marketing assistant at Eurofit Direct. My role includes contributing to the company blog and managing the Eurofit Direct Facebook and Twitter pages. You can find me on twitter at @RyanWHirst and on Google+ here