Thinking About Garages – Infographic

Thinking About Garages – Infographic

Here at Eurofit Direct we are always looking for great content for our readers – especially related to homes and DIY – so when we came up with a plan to look into garages we quickly found some great statistics for designers to bring to life – so here it is, Eurofit Direct; Thinking About Garages.

Garages are usually attached to medium to large houses across the country, yet they are buildings we rarely think about.  Some people use them for storing their cars, others for a workshop – some even convert them into games rooms!  We decided to take a look at some of the common uses, as well as some other related facts and figures about garages and put them into a colourful infographic for our readers to enjoy.

Garage Statistics

We think some of the ideas in this infographic are fantastic, for example;

– only 53% of the UK have access to a garage.

– Of the 53% with a garge, 25% of these people actually use their garage for what it was intended for – storing their car!

– Have you ever thought about how much value is in your garage?  Your car, expensive bikes, expensive tools, lawnmowers – it all adds up!

Thinking About Garages


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Written by Adam Rawson

I'm the marketing assistant for Eurofit Systems. I deal with media production and also contribute to the blog where I can.