Veterans do their bit for comrade with Leukaemia

Andrew Worrall served in the Royal Air Force and when he left in 2008 he became a self-employed property developer.

Andrew, 27, and his wife Laura, 35, live in a cramped flat on the second floor of a block at Langwood Court, Haslingden, with their nine-month-old son James.

They bought a run-down house in Rishton Road, Clayton-le-Moors, in June 2011 with the aim of renovating it into a family home and relocating.

But just six months later, mid-way through the project, Andrew was diagnosed with leukaemia and spent five weeks at The Christie in Manchester having chemotherapy.

By the end of May he was suffering severe headaches and he suffered a seizure. Further tests that showed the leukaemia had spread from his bone marrow into his spinal column.

Fortunately his younger brother Alex, 14, was a perfect match and his stem cells were harvested and transplanted into Andrew last August.Now Andrew is in remission but he is still on fortnightly check ups and is not well enough to work – so the family home remains unfinished.Then he found out about Rossendale-based charity Veterans In Communities VIC.VIC Manager Bob Elliott said: “We have many members with a variety of skills and we are all willing to help Andrew to carry out the jobs that he wants doing to complete the house so that his family can move in.”

VIC member Suzanne Preston, who is also a Royal British Legion volunteer caseworker, was able to assist Andrew to apply for some much needed grants from the Royal British Legion and RAF Benevolent Fund; they have both also offered their support this family during this difficult time. VIC members have already pledged to provide free manpower.

Andrew said: “Some days I am more tired than others, it often feels like three steps forward and one step back.”I take 17 tablets a day and will be on penicillin antibiotics for the next 15 years. I am very grateful to my younger brother for donating his stem cells.

“I am getting a little better fitness wise but I am nowhere near what I should be.

“Hopefully, with the help from VIC, I can get the house renovation finished and we can rent the flat out and live in the family home we always wanted. Then I can try to forget that I was ever ill.”Bob added: “We would appreciate any support the wider community can give us to get the project finished as soon as possible so the young family can move in and start to rebuild their lives.”

via News – Local News: Whats Happening in Rossendale? Rossendale.

We hear so many stories in the news about the bad things that are happening within the UK it is always nice to hear a story like this. Everyone involved should be proud of what they are doing and im sure this story will put a smile on most people’s faces just like it does mine.

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Written by Ryan Hirst

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