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Drawer Box

Drawer Box - we supply a range of metal Drawer Box Sides for use in kitchen and office furniture.

Our standard Drawer Box sides are available in 3 industry standard sizes:
85mm height - Cutlery Drawer
117mm height - Pan Drawer
149mm height - Deep Pan Drawer.

We also have a range of 'Twin Wall Drawer Boxes' which are a popular option for high end kitchens as they have in-built soft close functionality.

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Our standard metal sided boxes are the usual choice for kitchen manufacturers to create simple and durable kitchen drawers.

Available in a simple size structure, they are easy to make - simply add your own drawer front - and you have a fully working drawer that is easy to fit to any cupboard carcass.

  • 400, 450 and 500mm length options.
  • Strong metal sides have matching drawer runners for a smooth glide.
  • All fittings and covers are included.

Easy to make a full box with your own matching front.

These drawer boxes allow you to use a new or existing front that matches your kitchen, and then add a simple MDF back and bottom to make a full drawer system. Our pack comes with everything you need to put it together, apart from the front back and bottom. As you can see in the image, it comes with items 1,2,3 and 4.

  • Lever release to separate parts.
  • Multiple hole options for drawer and carcass.
  • Easy to use fitting instructions available online.

How To Fit a Metal Drawer Box

Drawer boxes can be confusing when you first look at all the parts needed to make them up - so we have put together a handy video to show you how to fit and make up a full drawer box for your kitchen.

  • We look at: - The parts needed, the process and and technical details.
  • - How they fit into your kitchen.
  • - How the drawers are used.


Drawer Systems - How To Guides

Need help fitting a runner? Watch our helpful installation video.

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