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Ball Bearing Runners

Ball Bearing Runners

We are the largest Ball Bearing Runners supplier in the UK, with a huge range and the very lowest prices all direct from stock. Some of the largest office and kitchen manufacturers across the country use our runners and they are now available to order online.

We stock a selection of profiles for various uses, as well as slides with soft close systems in built.

Our ball bearing runners use precision ball bearings and are available in sizes from 250mm right up to 750mm.

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You will find Ball Bearing Runners on drawers from bedrooms to offices, kitchens to workshops - anywhere that requires a drawer that can be relied upon.

In your bedroom furniture you will often see light duty ball bearing runners used as they are easy to fit yet cheap to buy. Furniture manufacturers such as Ikea and MFI use these on all their drawer units. You can also get heavy duty versions to carry a large amount of weight, for example heavy office filing units.

  • Precision ball bearings allow drawers to glide smoothly.
  • Variety of sizes to suit all types of applications.
  • Range of weight load capacities from 15kg through to 160kg each.

How To Fit A Drawer Runner Video

We have put together a video guide on how to fit our ball bearing runners - Drawer slirunners are generally made up of 2 parts, an inner and an outer member, of which one attaches to the drawer and the other to the carcass. Our helpful video shows the process involved when it comes to fitting or replacing a drawer runner.

  • Ball Bearing runner guide is a rough guide for all of the range - but in this example we use our 46mm runners.
  • Drawer runners are used in kitchens and workplaces.
  • We look at the measurements, tools and steps needed to fit them.


Drawer Systems - How To Guides

Need help fitting a runner? Watch our helpful installation video.

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