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Heavy Duty Slides

Heavy Duty Slides

Our range of precision Ball Bearing Heavy Duty Drawer Slides are designed to take loads from 90kg to 250kg, making them ideal for a wide range of appliances such as Office Drawer Units, Tool Box Storage, Industrial Machinery, Computer Server Storage as well as being used in Vehicles

Please note, the 120kg and 250kg Tuma Slides DO NOT disconnect due to the load ratings.

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These super strong Heavy Duty Slides & Runners are designed specifically for drawers that need to take a lot of weight - large filing cabinets in offices or tool drawers in workshops are some great examples.

To ensure they work perfectly, regardless of the weight load, our runners use precision ball bearings to help the slides move smoothly and silently.

  • 300mm - 700mm lengths available (depending on stocks).
  • 100% extension (e.g a 450mm slide will extend another 450mm to allow you to access the drawer fully.
  • Designed for heavy weight drawers.

How To Fit A Drawer Slide Video

We have put together a video guide on how to fit our ball bearing slides - Drawer slides are generally made up of 2 parts, an inner and an outer member, of which one attaches to the drawer and the other to the carcass. Our helpful video shows the process involved when it comes to fitting or replacing a drawer slide.

  • Our Ball Bearing Slide guide is a rough guide for all of the range - but in this example we use our 46mm slides.
  • Drawer slides are used in kitchens and workplaces.
  • We look at the measurements, tools and steps needed to fit them.


Drawer Systems - How To Guides

Need help fitting a runner? Watch our helpful installation video.

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