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Cable Ports

Our range of designer Cable Ports - are a great way to finish off any executive office desk.

Cable ports are designed to tidy up the hole in a desk that is often needed to feed plugs and cables through. These are usually aluminium finished to work with any colour and material of desk system.

Our Cable ports range includes square, circular and rectangular options in a variety of high end finishes as well as the eco-range, designed to be both affordable and executive.


We stock a wide range of cable ports and tidies ideal for ensuring that your desk space stays neat and tidy.

When looking for a suitable cable tidy for your desk you should consider which size and shape would work best for your situation, a 60mm round cable tidy is ideal for home use while a larger 120x450mm rectangular cable tidy might be used for a multi-user office desk space. All of our cable tidies are fitted with hinged covers as well as a black brush seal to keep your wires safe and secure.

  • Sizes ranging from 60mm in diameter to 120x450mm.
  • We stock round, square and rectangular varieties.
  • Available in a variety of finishes including polished chrome, brushed nickel and matt chrome.


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