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Castors and Wheels

Castors and Wheels

View our full range of Castors and Wheels - We offer a selection of Castors and Wheels for use on office furniture, including pedestal drawer castors, and larger table frame and legs castors.

Furniture Castors - Our small twin wheeled castors are ideal for pedestal drawer units and are available as braked or unbraked items.

Heavy Duty Castors - We offer a large heavy duty twin wheeled castor for office desks and legs as well as rubber varieties for extreme weights.


Furniture Castors are generally lightweight and made from plastic, ideal for pedestal drawers and other small pieces of office furniture.

Our furniture castors are twin wheeled and capable of 360° swivel, available in sizes ranging from 30mm to 50mm. We stock braked and non-braked versions of our castors as well as plate fixing and stem fixing varieties. The plastic material of our furniture castors is ideal for use in carpeted environments.

  • Lightweight & Usable on Carpets.
  • Plate Fixing or Stem Fixing.
  • Braked or Non-Braked.

We also offer a range of heavy duty 74mm castors for use with larger office furniture or mobile industrial storage units.

As with our furniture castors our heavy duty varieties are capable of 360° swivel, while their sturdier metal construction and rubber wheels are ideal for supporting heavier weights. Available in plate fixing and stem fixing varieties as well as braked and non-braked versions.:

  • Supports Industrial Grade Weights.
  • Plate Fixing or Stem Fixing.
  • Braked or Non-Braked.


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