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Cupboard Lock

Our range of fixed core and core removable Cupboard Lock or Cabinet Locks, are suitable for a wide selection of uses within office furniture. Within Cupboard Locks we have two lock types:

Core Removable Cupboard Locks - core removable locks need lock housing, as well as cores and keys to make a full lock unit.

Fixed Core Cupboard Locks - fixed core locks are a complete set that includes the lock, the plate, a fixed core and keys all together in one.

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Cupboard Locks are easy to fit to doors to add an extra level of security in your office or workplace.

The easiest option is a Fixed Core Cupboard Locks system, which basically means the lock and housing are one complete unit - making it simple to fit and easy to remove should you need to - this is the most popular lock option for a home office or small workplace. Our fixed core locks come complete as a full unit and with keys, and we have Master Keys available for office managers to be able to gain access should they be needed. They are stocked in 16mm or 18mm cylinder options, should be replacing a older lock simple measure the diameter of the hole in the door to get the right replacement.

  • Fixed core locks are the simplest to fit.
  • Sold as a full set with keys.
  • Very competitive prices on our cupboard locks.

Cupboard Locks are also available as a 'Core Removable' lock system.

A Core Removable Cupboard Lock means the lock unit, or core, can be removed and replaced seperately to the housing unit. This is especially useful if you need to replace a lock should someone leave the company or lose a key. This option also allows you to use the same key number on multiple locks in the office, or give multiple people access to one lock easily. Core removable is a popular system used in larger offices.

  • Cores and keys available separately - huge range of key numbers.
  • Variety of shapes and sizes for core removable lock units.
  • All our core removable locks are sold as complete units with a core and key set included, with options for the key range.


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