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Pedestal Locks

We offer a selection of Pedestal Locks which are suitable for a variety of office pedestals and drawer units. Our pedestal locks are used by some of the biggest office furniture manufactures in the UK. Our pedestal locks are available in two systems:

Core Removable Pedestal Locks - core removable locks need lock housing, as well as cores and keys to make a full lock unit.

Fixed Core Pedestal Locks - fixed core locks are a complete set that includes the lock, the plate, a fixed core and keys all together in one.

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Pedestal units in offices are generally used for a staff member's personal property, so security is important.

Fixed Core Pedestal Locks options are great for pedestal locks as they are easily fitted, and they are a simple lock unit that comes complete with all keys. We recommend fixed core as an option for a small office as they use 1 key for 1 lock.

  • Fixed core pedestal locks are the simplest option.
  • Fit to any wood or metal pedestal unit.
  • Pedestal units are used by staff so security is important.

Pedestal locks are available as a Core Removable option for larger offices.

Core Removable Pedestal Locks -this means you have a separate lock core and a separate lock housing - and you can change the lock core easily to switch key numbers, great if you lose a key, or want to have a large number of people use the same lock with one key.

  • Easily change key numbers if a key is lost.
  • We use World renowned lock manufacturer BMB Germany.
  • Popular with office furniture retailers to have 1 key for a full office furniture set.


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