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Hardware Fittings & Ironmongery

Hardware Fittings & Ironmongery

Hardware Fittings and Ironmongery components from Eurofit Direct - We supply a wide range of robust fittings and components including butt hinges, latch systems, door bolts, door chains and other security fittings.

Our Hardware & Ironmongery Range:
  • Robust and competitively priced
  • Highly versatile, components suitable for use in a variety of installations
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    Hardware Fittings and Ironmongery, useful for a wide variety of applications, in particular our butt and piano hinges can be used on anything from toy boxes to double doors.

    We stock a wide range of hardware fittings for use with door and lid mechanisms, including hinges, handles & lock systems.

    • Variety of hardware fitting components to suit a number of roles.
    • Sold individually and in packs.
    • Includes kits for specific purposes.


    Hardware Fittings & Ironmongery


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