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Butt, Piano & Flush Hinges

Butt, Piano & Flush Hinges

Butt Hinges, Piano Hinges & Flush Hinges from Eurofit Direct

We supply a variety of furniture hinges for use with doors, cupboards, lids and other hardware applications. All of our hinges are finished to the highest standards while being available at some of the lowest prices on the internet for furniture hardware.

  • Butt Hinges - Our stock of butt hinges includes heights ranging from 25mm up to 150mm in a variety of finishes and materials
  • Piano Hinges - We offer a 6ft strip of continuous hinge, sold in packs of 5, in 2 different finishes
  • Flush Hinges - Standard and cranked flush hinges in a variety of finishes and heights available from stock
  • Features

    Butt, Piano & Flush Hinges, these standard furniture hinges are extremely simple to fit and are highly versatile, they can be used for any indoor application and our stainless steel varieties are suitable for outdoor use as well.

    All of our furniture hinges are competitively priced and come in a range of styles and finishes.

    • Versatile and simple to fit.
    • Sold individually and in packs.
    • Competitively priced and ideal for indoor use.


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