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Hinge Helpdesk

Welcome to the Hinge Helpdesk - the place where we can help you identify which hinge you are looking for.

By answering any of the 6 questions below, we can point you in the right direction as to which hinge we have as a replacement for yours. As all hinge manufacturers vary around the World, we will do our best to offer our nearest equivalent. We hold stock of the most common hinges found in kitchens, bedrooms, workplaces and offices in the UK.

How it works... Answer the questions below - using the diagrams to help you - and we'll suggest a suitable hinge for you.

Note: If the hinge helpdesk does not bring up any hinge options for you - please use the form further down the page to email us a picture and any information you can provide and we will endeavour to help you find the hinge you need.

Hinge Overlay

Hinges will either be Full Overlay, Half Overlay, or Inset - have a look at the pictures to decide which looks like your hinge when closed

Hinge Cup Hole

To find the Hinge Cup Hole size, simply measure the diameter of the hole that the hinge sits in on the door - usually 26mm, 35mm, or 40mm

Hinge Opening Angle

Measure the maximum angle that the door opens - these will usually be 40°, 50°, 90, 95°, 110° or 170°

Door thickness

Measure the thickness of the door that the hinge will fit to, usually 12mm or 15mm

Carcass Thickness

What is the thickness of the carcass, or side panel as might be known - usually 15mm or 18mm

Specialist Hinges

Positive Incline 30° or 45° - Used on angled corner or wing end unit doors.

Glass Door - Hinges that work only on drilled glass/plastic doors using a specialist ring.

Knuckle Hinges - An exposed 270° hinge that allows the door to fold back on itself - eg, a TV cabinet.

Easy-On - A simple hinge solution that doesn't require a cup hole drilling - used on thin doors and sheet metal.

Blind Corner - 95° hinge used where doors open inline with the panel it attaches to, used in corner cupboards.

Bi-Fold Corner - Corner cupboard hinges that attaches 2 smaller doors to fold and fill a corner.

  1. Hinge Helpdesk
What type of overlay does your hinge have?
  1. Full
  2. Half
  3. Inset
What size is the hinge cup hole on the door?
  1. 26MM
  2. 35MM
  3. 40MM
What is the opening angle of the door?
  1. 40° or 50° (Bi Fold)
  2. 90° to 110°
  3. 165° or 170°
  4. 270°
What is the thickness of the door?
  1. Glass Door
  2. 12-20MM
  3. 15-26MM
  4. 24-32MM
What is the thickness of the carcass (side panel)?
  1. 15-19MM
  2. 20MM+

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