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Cupboard Stays

We offer a range of Cupboard Stays ideal for kitchen and office furniture, as well as homes and caravans.

Cupboard Door Stays are designed to open doors, keep doors open, or offer a soft close option to your door. We have stays for toy boxes, bureaus and drinks cabinets, as well as for kitchen cupboards.

A cupboard stay, or 'Lid Stay', is often refereed to as a hinge, when in fact they work alongside hinges to offer a "stay" function when the lid or door is open whilst offering a soft close or anti-slam close.

In order for these stays to rotate, these do need to be fitted and will not rotate by hand.

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Stays are for kitchen cupboard doors to keep them open or help add 'soft-close' to stop them slamming on fingers.

Popular in kitchens, you find a few varieties of cupboard stays to do slightly different jobs - some are made purely to lock the door open when it gets to the top (top box stay), some will allow you to open the door and stop it at any angle to hold it in position (friction stay). Our Gas Strut Stays are popular as they work nicely in kitchen cupboards to hold the lid open, and they are available at low prices, making it much more affordable to add a locking stay to your kitchen cabinet.

  • Top Box Stays lock kitchen cupboards open at the top.
  • Friction stays like the Klok allow you to lock the door at any opening angle.
  • Gas strut stays are great as an affordable option for kitchens.

Other cupboard stays and their uses around the home.

Stays are not just for the kitchen, in fact our most popular stay is the Toy Box Stay. Its a simple to fit lid stay that locks the lid open whilst your kids access their toys, and then when they're done it closes down slowly so that it doesn't trap any little fingers! We also have a specialist Bureau Lid Stay which is designed for bureau cupboards or drinks cabinets, basically any door that lifts downwards instead of upwards. Our Heavy Duty Lift Assist Stay is especially useful for people who may have difficulties lifting too high, people who are not able to apply enough strength to lift can fit one of these stays to add a level of assistance to the door easily.

  • Toy Box Stays do a specific job for a toy box, and help stop fingers getting caught.
  • Bureau Stays are especially popular for drinks cabinets in living room wall units.
  • Lift Assist works great to offer assistance to those who might not be able to apply enough pressure.

Video Guide For Fitting Gas Strut Stays

All of the stays work slightly different, and therefore have a variety of fitting instructions - but to give you an idea of how most kitchen stays work we have put together a video guide on fitting the Gas Strut Stays which covers:.

  • The basics of fitting a kitchen stay.
  • Measurement guides and tools needed.
  • See our Gas Strut Stays in full working mode in our kitchen top box.


Cupboard Stays - Help

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