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Toy Box and Top Box Stays

Toy Box and Top Box Stays

Our Toy Box Lid Stays and Top Box Lid Stays are very popular on the Eurofit Direct store. The lid stays are strong and easy to fit and come complete with all brackets needed to fit to any door.

Toy Box Lid Stays are great for adding a soft close and holding open application to a top box lid and we offer left and right hand options.

Top Box Lid Stays are designed for kitchen top cupboards and offer the ability to lock a door open and then release when finished.

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Toy Box Stays are designed for just that use, toy boxes.

Toy boxes and storage boxes are becoming a popular way to tidy up bedrooms and playrooms, as a simple box can hide a multitude of things we might not want others to see. With our Toy Box Stays you can add a simple locking facility when the lid is open, and also have an anti-slam soft close system for shutting the lid so it doesn't slam down on anyone fingers. This is one of the most popular products on our website, and are especially popular for DIY and craft projects - things like window seats, shoe boxes and foot stools can be made into practical storage boxes.

  • Lock the toy box lid in the open position to gain full access.
  • anti-slam soft close functions to save fingers.
  • Left and Right hand options - heavier lids may need both.

Top Box Stays - designed for kitchen cupboards that are normally head height and above, so the access is harder for some to reach.

The stays will allow you to lift the lid up easily, then lock it in the open position so you get at anything in the cupboard, and then push back down to close easily. When its closing some of the lid stays will add a gentle and smooth close system to stop it slamming shut at the end.

  • Top box stays are great for modern kitchens that make use of minimal cupboards.
  • Lock the cupboard open to stop it slamming shut while you reach in.
  • Gas Struts are an affordable option, with the top end Heavy Duty Lift Assist being popular for less able users.

Video Guide For Fitting Gas Strut Stays

All of the stays work slightly different, and therefore have a variety of fitting instructions - but to give you an idea on how most kitchen stays work we have put together a video guide on fitting the Gas Strut Stays.

  • The basics of fitting a kitchen stay.
  • Measurement guides and tools needed.
  • See our Gas Strut Stays in full working mode in our kitchen top box.


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