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Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Kitchen Cabinet Hinges (Cupboard Hinges) - We have a wide selection of Kitchen Cabinet Hinges for use in kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

We offer a range of options from the World renowned Italian hinge manufacturer Agostino Ferrari Spa - in fact our Kitchen Cabinet Hinges range covers all of the most popular hinges used in kitchen cupboards in the UK.

If you need help to find a replacement hinge - use our Hinge Helpdesk Page

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The most popular use of concealed hinges is in kitchen cupboards - or cabinets - as they are fully hidden when the door is shut, meaning the cupboard door is the talking point, not the fittings.

We hold a massive range of hinges to cover all styles of cabinets, from corner doors to folding doors, and not forgetting the everyday doors that open 90° to allow you to get in with ease. Furniture hinges are a simple fitting product, but they can be the hardest to identify if you dont know much about them, thats why we have developed a Hinge Helpdesk to help you along the way.

  • the correct kitchen cabinet hinges are hard to identify.
  • huge range for all types of doors found in kitchens.
  • great prices and stocks of all our hinges

How To Choose A Kitchen Hinge Video Guide

To try and do all we can to help you find a replacement hinge, or fully understand the details of kitchen hinges, have a look at our new video guide. We cover all the essential topics and all the things you need to know to make the right choice.

  • We look at overlays, cup holes, mounting choices and measurements.
  • Fitting new hinges, or replacement hinges - as well as 'soft close' options.
  • Including corner options as well as standard kitchen doors.

'Opening angles' and 'cup holes' are technical phrases that can be confusing, so we have tried to make it as simple as possible to understand.

When it comes to opening angles you will find a few varieties that are similar, for example 90°, 95° and 105° will all open roughly at a right angle to allow access to a cupboard, which makes these hinges the most popular in kitchen cabinets. If you are replacing hinges for a cupboard, as long as you replace both hinges you will be fine to use any of these options.

The cup hole is actually a simple measurement to take, and usually you find there are only 3 options, 26mm, 35mm and 40mm. The 35mm is a standard for kitchens, the other 2 are for more specialist hinges but they are still found in some kitchen cabinets. When you unscrew the hinge off the door, there will be a hole that it has been sat in, measure the diameter of this and you have the cup-hole centre.

If you are unsure of the measurements of your hinge is, we recommend visiting our Popular kitchen cupboard hinges explained guide.

  • Every hinge has an opening angle - if you're replacing an existing hinge, ensure you get the right one.
  • Most hinges use a 35mm cup hole centre, but check before buying.
  • Kitchen hinges do vary from different manufacturers, even just in the UK.

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