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Mini Hinges

Mini Hinges are designed to take up less space but still offer the same level of concealed hinges offering a smaller cup hole.

Our great range of mini hinges are available for full overlay, half overlay and 45° opening - as well as all the usual opening angles. We even have some specialist hinges available as mini hinges.

Mini hinges are used in bedroom furniture, bathroom cupboards, and office cabinets and offer the same uses as a full size hinge. We also recommend these hinges for DIY and craft projects.

If you need help to find a replacement hinge - use our Hinge Helpdesk Page

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Mini hinges are easy to spot - they use a 26mm diameter cup hole.

The easiest way to see if you are looking for a mini hinge, or not, is to measure the diameter of the hole that is left when you unscrew the hinge from the cupboard door, these is called the 'Cup Hole'. As a rule, all our hinges that are 26mm are a classed as a mini hinge. This means that the hinge has been designed to fit in smaller places like bathrooms, bedrooms and offices.

  • 26mm Cup Hole Diameter.
  • Smaller than a usual cupboard hinge.
  • Full range still available in mini hinges.

Mini hinges have a full range of overlay options available, just like their full sized friends.

The overlay of the hinge is the technical term given to how the door fits against the cupboard carcass. See the diagram on the left for a better picture on the type of hinge you might need, and the options are explained below:

  • Full Overlay - the door covers the cupboard carcass when closed.
  • Half Overlay - the door half covers the carcass - often used when 2 doors are back to back.
  • Inset - the door is actually set inside the cupboard carcass.

If you find your hinge doesn't fit in to any of these categories - there are other options, including positive incline and blind corner arm - these are specific hinges developed for specific jobs.

How To Choose A Kitchen Hinge Video Guide

To try and do all we can to help you find a replacement hinge, or fully understand the details of kitchen hinges, have a look at our new video guide. We cover all the essential topics and all the things you need to know to make the right choice.

  • We look at overlays, cup holes, mounting choices and measurements.
  • Fitting new hinges, or replacement hinges - as well as 'soft close' options.
  • Including corner options as well as standard kitchen doors.

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