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Folding Tables and Frames – Fitting and operating guides



All Eurofit Systems folding frames will be supplied with the appropriate fixings to allow the fitting to table tops.


Place the table top on a clean workbench and on the underside of the top find the desired leg position and mark the fixing holes with a pencil then pilot hole each or use a bradawl.










Place each leg at the appropriate position and with the U bar under the mechanism as shown, using a Pozi screwdriver fit the supplied screws, please note that the screws are to suit 25mm material and will break through thinner tops.










To operate the folding frame pull the leg to vertical at 90° to the table top and the U bar will hold rigid within the mechanism, repeat on the other leg. To release press and hold the lever and lower the leg down, the U bar will then allow the leg to be laid flat and will locate into a catch.