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How to fit a Drawer Slide

By: Gareth Jones

Drawer Slides and Drawer Runners are used in drawers in kitchens, offices and furniture all around the World as a simple way of opening and closing a pull out unit drawer. At Eurofit Direct we stock a huge range of styles and sizes for uses in a variety of places - in fact we sell millions of them every year all across the UK, making us one of the largest importers in the country.

To fit a drawer slide you will find they are generally either screw fitted, or factory fitted. All of the options we stock on Eurofit Direct are screw fit, as this means anybody can use them, from kitchen fitters to home DIY enthusiasts.

As there is varieties of drawer slide types, and often different options for lengths and styles of slides, it would be impossible for us to list a simple 'how to fit a drawer slide' guide for all to use. Instead we have individual technical drawings of all the slides and runners we stock on the specific product pages showing you sizes and hole positions for fitting the slides - below is a quick guide on each of the types and a link to the technical pages for each:

Roller Runners

Roller runners come in 2 pieces on each side - one piece attaches the carcass (furniture) and the other attaches to the drawer itself. Simply measure up the correct length of runner for each piece, screw the runner to the furniture and the drawer, and then you join the 2 pieces together by simple lining up the drawer with the furniture at an angle of around 45° and slowly pushing it in to the furniture lowing the angle to be flat at the finish.


Bottom fixed runners (20kg)

Ball Bearing Drawer Slides

Ball bearing drawer slides are often used in metal furniture as they are more durable and able to hold larger weights, to fit them is still relatively simple. Use the technical drawings above to see the lengths of where to pre-drill the holes to make it easier to screw them in. Ball bearing slides generally come as one piece for each side, but to fit them it is easier to split it into 2 pieces. On the back of the slide there is usually a black clip that you can push to release the inner member of the slide. This piece then needs attaching to the drawer itself. The larger outer member is what attaches to the carcass of the drawer unit. Both can be simply screwed to attach and then once they are in place, simply glide the inner member attached to the draw into the outer member and they will click into place.


- 17mm Mini slides (10kg)
- Light duty drawer slides (35kg)
- Medium duty drawer slides (45kg)
- Heavy duty drawer slides (90kg)
- Heavy duty drawer slides (160kg)

If you require more help, please give our sales team a call on 01482 714488 - our technical guys can offer more detailed assistance for specific slides.

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