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Uses for our Drawer Slides


Find out more about our drawer slides.

Drawer slides are a key component in a variety of furniture types, allowing drawer units to move in and out in a fluid motion. We supply a number of different styles and lengths suitable for anything from simple desk drawers to heavy duty tool storage drawers. A few popular uses for our drawer slides are as follows.

Kitchen Drawers

It would be quite the feat to have a kitchen without any sort of drawer, whether it’s for storing cutlery or crockery the drawer is an essential addition to the kitchen. We provide a range of suitable drawer slides for kitchen use such as our Black Bottom Fixed Roller Runners available in a variety of lengths and simple to fix these are ideal for a cutlery drawer.

Office Drawers

Offices are another location likely to have a number of drawers. Both desk drawers and filing cabinets require suitable drawer slides, desk drawers are generally not used for bearing heavy loads and can safely use smaller slides such as our 278mm Light Duty Drawer Slide. On the other hand large filing cabinets often have to support significant weights, in which case a heavy duty slider such as our Heavy Duty 120kg Ball Bearing Slides would be more appropriate.

Industrial Doors

A perhaps less obvious use for drawer slides is in tool and component storage units. In this situation a drawer slide capable of supporting extreme weights would be needed, a good example would be our 711mm Full Extension Stainless Steel Slide, capable of supporting weights up to 250kg while still ensuring smooth movement.


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