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10 Factors To Consider While Selecting A Commercial Property Location

The right location is crucial


Selecting the right location for your commercial property is extremely crucial to the efficiency, productivity and success of your business. Depending on the day-to-day needs and nature of your business, you must choose the premises suitable for your employees, clients or customers. Whether you are looking for a commercial property in a retail park beyond city limits, in an industrial estate or in the heart of the city, here are 10 Factors to Consider while Selecting the Location for Your Commercial Property:


  • Proximity to your staff, major suppliers, related businesses and customers
  • The cost of office rents and rates
  • Proximity to public transport
  • The local amenities
  • Adequacy of parking and related constraints
  • Congestion costs
  • Charges levied by local bodies and business rates
  • The ability to attract passing trade


 City centre offices


If you are deciding whether or not to base yourself outside of a major urban centre then you need to take the following factors into account:
  •  Selecting an office space in or near a rural area will have the pros of being cost effective and will ensure a relaxing work environment. At the same time, suppliers will face inconvenience while delivering and employees might find difficult to travel.
  • Selecting an office space in the heart of your city can be very convenient but not cost-effective.


You must consult an experienced and proficient estate agent to gain enough insight into local happenings and developments that could impact your business and its location.

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