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summer garden decking

Transform Your Garden This Summer


1) CREATE THE PERFECT DECKING: ideal for enjoying meals outside in the summer or for hosting a get-together, creating the perfect decking can transform a garden instantly. In terms of the different types of garden decking you might choose to build, there are a number of choices. Choosing which plan you think would best suit your garden decking is the first step to this transformational technique:



  • Raised: Raised decking can be particularly useful in covering sloping or uneven areas of your garden, which otherwise would have been left without any use.
  • Ground-Level: on flat ground.
  • Attached: to a building or wall.
  • Fitted with decking steps: either timber or composite decking would be the best option here, with the possibility of also adding a handrail.

    Once you’ve decided on your plan, it’ll be time to go ahead and buy your materials, and then set about building your decking.

     diy garden decking


    2) GET A HAMMOCK FOR HANGING OUT: all the work you put into making your garden a special sight is made redundant if you never just stop to look and appreciate your handy work. It should be a space to relax in - and a hammock (with optional book, magazine or glass of wine), is the perfect way to do it. They’re straightforward to put up, and can make your garden space appear instantly more appealing.


    diy garden hammock


    3) SPRUCE UP THE SHED: ready to give your garden shed a makeover? Looking to create a new colour scheme across the garden and need the shed to match? Give the shed a lick of paint - changing the original colour from a dull brown or off-colour grey to an electric blue will breathe new life into your garden. If you’re feeling creative, why not go for stylish stripes or paint in contrast - this will really make your shed stand out.


     colourful painted garden shed


    4) FIND THE RIGHT FURNITURE: whether you’d like an outdoor sofa, or you’re looking for the perfect table, nailing the choices you make when it comes to garden furniture is a great way to transform your space. A more modern idea is the ‘outdoor living room’, where a table, sofas, chairs and even rug can allow you to relax as you would inside, but out in the summer sunshine.

     summer garden furniture patio area

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