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Cupboard Stays & Their Uses

What are cupboard stays?


We take a look at the different types of cupboard stays and their different uses within the home and not just in the kitchen.


Stays are most popular for use in kitchens, there are a few varieties of cupboard stays to do slightly different jobs, some are made purely to lock the door open when it gets to the top (Top Box Stay). Some however have added features such as allowing you to open the door and hold it in position (Friction Stay).

Our Gas Strut Stays are popular as they work nicely in kitchen cupboards to hold the lid open, they are available at eurofit direct for low prices making it much more affordable to add a locking stay to your kitchen cupboard.



However outside of the kitchen our stays are still popular. Our most popular stay is the Toy Box Stay which is a simple to fit lid stay that locks the lid open whilst your children access their toys, and then when they’re done it closes down slowly to prevent any trapped little fingers!

We also have a specialist Bureau Lid Stay which hence the name is designed for bureau style cupboards or drinks cabinets, basically any door that lifts downwards instead of upwards. Our Heavy Duty Lift Assist Stay is especially useful for people who may have difficulties lifting too high. People who cannot apply enough strength to lift can fit one of these stays to add a level of assistance to the door.



Need to work out how many stays you need?

Remember that each of the stays has a slightly different formal to work out the correct result, so the most accurate way of us showing you the results is to visit the relevant type of stay you are looking at, simply click on the product page and click on the ‘Stay Calculator’ tab which will guide you on how many stays you will need. (Please note, if the calculator shows ‘Door too heavy for a stay’ you may need to choose a more heavy duty stay)

For the calculator to work you will need to know:

Height of the door (cm)

Width of the door (cm)

Thickness of the door (cm)

Material of the door – eg MDF, Pine, Oak

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