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Screws, Nails & Bolts

We stock a huge range of screws, nails and bolts for every project you have planned, from home DIY and joinery to your professional job. 


Our brands include Spax and Torq-Fix, featuring only the highest quality products. 


Our range is ideal for a variety of applications such as metal and wood, and available in a wide range of finishes, diameters and lengths. 



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• Screw, Nail & Bolt Application: Carcass Joining, Decking, Floor Boards, Metal or Wood
• Screw, Nail & Bolt Head Type: Pozi, Flange or Star 
• Screw, Nail & Bolt Diameter: No.10 / 5mm, No.12/ 6mm, No.6 / 3.5mm, No.8 / 4mm, M4, 6.3mm, No.4 / 3mm or No.9 / 4.5mm
• Screw, Nail & Bolt Head Shape: Countersunk or Pan Head 
• Screw, Nail & Bolt Length: 9mm - 80mm, 1 1/2" / 40mm, 1 1/4" / 30mm, 1" / 25mm, 2 1/2" / 60mm, 2 3/4" / 70mm, 2" / 50mm, 3/4" / 20mm, 4" / 100mm or 5/8" / 16mm
• Screw, Nail & Bolt Material: Stainless Steel or Steel 
• Screw, Nail & Bolt Finish: Self Colour, Zinc Plated, Black or Yellow Zinc 
• Screw, Nail & Bolt Brand: Spax or Torq-Fix 


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