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Helping Hand to Charities

A business in Northampton is offering charities free office furniture as well as raising money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice when chairs are sold to the public sector.

The firm, acs, is working with Dalepak & Lockheed Martin, has around 1,000 chairs to give away or sell.

Dan Walker, acs furniture sales manager, said: “To give these chairs a second life to benefit charities and the public sector made total sense. It was all able to happen through different thinking at acs and the generosity of Lockheed Martin donating the chairs and Gary White at Dalepak storing them.

“To register your interest, please email quantities you would like and whether you can collect, and acs will schedule a visit with yourselves,” he added.“Any charity can make an appointment to visit Dalepak and take away selected furniture free of charge.

“In addition, the chairs are being made available to the public sector such as schools, Colleges, Universities, Councils & businesses at a nominal £5 per chair, with the money raised given to the outstanding Cynthia Hospice in Northampton.“The operation is part of acs’s commitment to reduce the amount of recyclable waste going to landfill.”.

via Firm offers charities free office furniture and helps raise money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice – Community News – Northampton Chronicle and Echo.

I have selected this news story from ‘Acs Furniture’ as it is a chance for anybody to do a little bit for charity. It is great to see companies doing what they can to help the community and charities alike. Here at Eurofit Direct we are doing our bit for charity through our Marketing Manager Gareth Jones as he will complete ’12 races in 12 months‘ for a local charity Dove House Hospice. Ity would be a much nicer world if we all gave a helping hand to charities in some way or another and this is your chance to get involved. To help us raise money for our chosen charity visit this page.

For as little as five pound any member of the public, schools, colleges etc can purchase the chairs and also charities get them for free. Along with this the operation will also be helping the environment too with this reducing the amount of waste going to landfill. We can all do a little bit more in my opinion to reduce our carbon footprint whether it being on a personal level or through our companies we work for.

Things such as reducing the amount of waste paper we use and reusing plastic cups while at work all contribute to a greener environment in the workplace. Instead of printing off documents for other members of staff sending them an email with the appropriate documentation saves paper waste. Or if something does need to be printed off selecting the ‘print on both sides’ tool in Microsoft allows us to do so.

In the home little things also make a difference such as using the correct bins when it comes to waste. In every area there are specific bins for specific waste materials by simply sticking to this we are all helping to ensure that our environment will be protected.

Written by Ryan Hirst

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