Welcome to the home of tomorrow…today! {Infographic}

Welcome to the home of tomorrow…today!

Stop living in the past – the future is finally here, and with it, a host of advanced home gadgets and technology have arrived, promising to make our domestic lives easier, smarter and more connected than ever.

From renewable energy, advanced lighting and home heating solutions designed to reduce carbon footprints and energy bills, to home cleaning robots and smart security, the latest and greatest in 21st century tech is creeping into every room.

In the kitchen, new cooking and cleaning technology is taking the time and effort out of everyday tasks, whilst a new generation of smart, connected, Ultra HD systems are pushing the boundaries of home entertainment.

Even the humble bathroom is catching up with the times, as Bluetooth bathtubs, integrated mirror TVs and entertainment centres, and shower toilets fight for space in the smallest room.

So get off your hoverboard, put down your sonic screwdriver, and check out our infographic, showcasing some advanced technology designed to transform your out-dated dwelling into the cutting-edge home of the future!

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Written by Adam Rawson

I'm the marketing assistant for Eurofit Systems. I deal with media production and also contribute to the blog where I can.