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Concealed Kitchen Cabinet Hinges

Concealed hinges are concealed when the door is in the closed position, they are available as slide-on and clip-on models with opening angles varying from 90 degrees to 180 degrees, they are found in all types of Furniture in the Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Office. There are many different combinations, the basics being full overlay, half overlay and inset, also available are angled hinges for corner units. In recent years furniture manufacturers have started introducing Integrated Soft Close hinges into the furniture that prevent the door from slamming shut. If you are unsure of the hinge required please use our Hinge Helpdesk

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The Concealed hinge originates from Europe and for this reason is often termed as a European Hinge, although the hinge is produced worldwide, the main European brands were Blum, Salice, Agostino Ferrari, Hettich and FGV, at Eurofit we stock hinges produced by Tutti as well as our own IntAfit brand, both ranges cover most applications and are a suitable replacement for any other make of hinge.


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Hinge Overlays

Cup Hole Diameters:

Hinge Cup Hole Diameters

Hinge Opening Angles:

Hinge Opening Angles



Clip-On: Easy fixing clip in function on the hinge arm and mounting plate allowing doors to be installed/removed without unscrewing.

Slide-On: Traditional fixing method involving the hinge arm sliding on top of the mounting plate where the user then tightens a fixing screw to lock the hinge in place.

Mini-Hinge: A hinge with a thinner arm and usually smaller cup hole diameter (26mm).

Soft-Close: A built in damper function that prevents slamming when the door is being closed.

Face-Frame: A style of hinge used for doors which are surface mounted onto frontals where 90 degree cabinet sides are not present.


Other styles of concealed kitchen cabinet hinges: 

Positive Incline 30° or 45° - Used on angled corner or wing end unit doors.

Glass Door - Hinges that work only on drilled glass/plastic doors using a specialist ring.

Knuckle Hinges - An exposed 270° hinge that allows the door to fold back on itself - eg, a TV cabinet.

Easy-On - A simple hinge solution that doesn't require a cup hole drilling - used on thin doors and sheet metal.

Blind Corner - 95° hinge used where doors open inline with the panel it attaches to, used in corner cupboards.

Bi-Fold Corner - Corner cupboard hinges that attaches 2 smaller doors to fold and fill a corner.


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