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Drawer Dampers

Our Drawer Dampers are universal soft close systems that can attach to wood or metal drawers. Often found in high end kitchens , you can now add these anti-slam devices to any drawer in a kitchen or bedroom or office.

These gas drawer dampers are very easy to fit to any drawer and have been tested to the highest standards.

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Used in high end kitchens across the country, soft close is becoming more and more like the norm.

Most kitchen manufacturers will sell you a premium drawer option that includes a soft close, ant-slam, system at a higher price than a normal drawer - but in fact its only a simple add on that can fitted by anyone, at a relatively low price. Our drawer damper devices are retro-fit which means they can be fitted to any drawer, metal or wood, and be fitted at any time, even years after the kitchens been installed!

  • Easy to fit soft close system for drawers.
  • Work great on wood or metal drawers.
  • Add a high end anti-slam system to any drawer in your kitchen.

How To Fit a Drawer Damper

Many people find the idea of adding soft close systems to drawers as a daunting tasks - we take a look at how simple it can be using our video guide on fitting drawer dampers

  • We look at measurements, types of drawers and fitting ideas.
  • Also shows damper options for doors to fully "soft-close" your kitchen.
  • Great for use in kitchens, bedrooms, offices and the workplace.


Drawer Systems - How To Guides

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