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Drawer Slides

Eurofit are Drawer Slides specialists - Our Drawer Slides are designed for kitchen and office drawer systems, including pedestal units and filing units.

We are one of the largest importers of Drawer Slides in the UK, supplying over 2 million slides a year to some of the largest office and kitchen manufacturers in the country.

These precision ball bearing slides are available with light duty (15kg, 25kg), medium duty (45kg) and heavy duty (90kg, 120kg, 160kg, 250kg) load capacities to order online.

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We try to cover all the possible uses for drawer slides in our range - from light duty bedroom drawers, to heavy duty filing cabinets.

To make sure you have the correct type of drawer slides you need to think about the weight-load it will take, if its a office drawer you might find heavy folders will be stored in the drawer. If its for your bedroom sock drawer then that's a light duty application and doesn't require too much weight capacity.

  • Light Duty (15kg, 25kg).
  • Medium Duty (45kg)
  • Heavy Duty (90kg, 120kg, 160kg, 250kg).

Drawer Slides are surprisingly easy to fit to most drawer units.

Our runners have a multitude of hole options for both the drawer side and the cupboard side, so once youve measured the heights of your drawers you should be able to line up the holes you need pretty quickly. The two parts of the slide can clip apart with a simple lever, as seen in the photo, to allow you to fit them separately and then put together once its attached to the drawer.

  • Lever release to separate parts.
  • Multiple hole options for drawer and carcass.
  • Easy to use fitting instructions available online.

How To Fit A Drawer Slide Video

We have put together a video guide on how to fit our ball bearing slides - Drawer slides are generally made up of 2 parts, an inner and an outer member, of which one attaches to the drawer and the other to the carcass. Our helpful video shows the process involved when it comes to fitting or replacing a drawer slide.

  • Our Ball Bearing Slide guide is a rough guide for all of the range - but in this example we use our 46mm slides.
  • Drawer slides are used in kitchens and workplaces.
  • We look at the measurements, tools and steps needed to fit them.


Drawer Systems - How To Guides

Need help fitting a runner? Watch our helpful installation video.

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