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How to figure out how many Cupboard Stays you need

How many Stays?

Cupboard Stays are used to assist with the opening and locking open movement needed to get into a cupboard.  Often used in kitchens and bedrooms, these simple devices can make life easier to access an overhead cupboard without the risk of the door slamming shut as you get what you need.  They can also be used to add a soft close function to stop the door slamming shut.

To figure out how many stays you will need will depend on the size of the cupboard door that it is shutting.  For each of our stays we offer a simple calculator which will use the door size to tell you whether you need 1, 2, or none.

Each of the stays has a slightly different formula to work out the correct result, so the most accurate way of us showing you the results is to visit the relevant type of stay you are looking at, simply click on the options below and on the product page you will see a 'stay calculator', next to the Details section, which will guide you on how many stays, or indeed if your door will need to use a stay at all.

Toy Box Stays

Kitchen Top Box Stays

Gas Strut Stay

Heavy Duty Lid Stay

For the calculator to work you will need to know:

Height of the door (cm)

Width of the door (cm)

Thickness of the door (cm)

Material of the door - eg MDF, Pine, Oak