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How to Fit a Cable Hole Tidy

Depending on which type of cable tidy you have purchased the fitting instructions may vary, for this reason we’ll outline ways to fit both circular and square/rectangular cable tidies. For both of these guides you will need an electric drill and suitable drill bit.

Circular Cable Tidies

  • Our circular cable tidies come in 60mm and 80mm varieties, this makes measuring a relatively simple process as you can acquire hole cutter attachments for electronic drills in 60mm and 80mm varieties.
  • Firstly, measure the desk being fitted with the cable tidy in order to ensure that the hole to be drilled is positioned correctly, not too close to the edge of the desk or table legs. Once happy with the positioning, drill a test hole in the centre of the circle with a small drill bit to mark the spot for your larger hole.
  • Once you are ready to proceed, fit the cutter attachment and align the conventional drill bit with the test hole. Slowly drill with the drill bit stopping just short of the point where the cutter attachment meets the desk.
  • After ensuring that the drill bit is straight, keep a firm hold as the circular attachment begins cutting.
  • Once finished, the centre piece should drop cleanly through and you can put your cable tidy into place.
  • Square & Rectangular Cable Tidies

  • For these fittings you will need an electric jigsaw as well as your electric drill.
  • Start by measuring out a hole fitting the dimensions of your cable tidy and mark the outline in pencil or another suitable substance.
  • Drill an entry point along the line using your traditional drill and a good sized drill bit, you can use this to insert the jigsaw blade.
  • After aligning the jigsaw blade, slowly and steadily begin cutting along the marked lines, pausing at the corners to adjust the jigsaw blade. You may find it useful to drill further entry points at each corner.
  • Once you have cut along the entirety of your markings the centre piece should drop through and you can put your cable tidy into place.