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How to fit a Furniture Lock


We offer a variety of different lock types that require different approaches to installation, however for our fixed core locks the general process for installation is as follows:

Fitting a fixed core lock

1) Line up where you want the lock to be located - usually at the top near the handle, then drill an entry hole large enough for the locks barrel to fit all the way through - for our fixed core locks its either a 16.5mm or 18mm lock so you will want 2mm extra to allow the barrel to push through easily.

2) Then on the opposite side of the entry hole(inside the door) - screw the back of the lock to the door after pushing the barrel through to the front.

3) Next, fit the rosette to the front to cover the hole of the lock, and if applicable attach the strike plate in the appropriate location, your locking system is now secure - you may wish to add a locking bolt to the 2nd door if its a double door cupboard.

For Core removable locks - the lock housing process is the same as a fixed core lock, except you may have extra options for levers and strike plates, as well as keys and cores to install too. For more information on Core Removable Click Here.


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