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Cable Management – What is a Cable Hole Tidy?

Cable hole tidies or cable grommets are holes in a desk designed to organise any trailing wires. Created with de-cluttering in mind, computer equipment leads and telephone cables can be fed through the hole, under the desk, out of your way. Generally they will be taken down into a secondary cable management system within the desk leg, but this is not a necessity. If you’re thinking about organising your work space, our range of cable hole tidies are high end products, and will add a stylish element to any desk.


Smaller round and square cable tidies are perfect for use on single desks and in home offices.


These larger cable tidies are ideal for bigger offices, with several people and computers sharing the same desk space.

All of our cable tidies come in a variety of sizes, with a modern aluminium finish that will add panache to any desk. They also feature removable or hinged covers, and a black brush seal to keep your wires safe and snug.