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Cupboard Locks in the office or home and how to fit a cupboard lock

What is the difference between a ‘fixed core’ and ‘removable core’ lock?

With a fixed core lock you will simply be supplied with one complete lock, which means all the parts are ready to be fitted with 2 keys. The other option with cupboard locks are called core removable locks, which means it is a lock unit made up of two pieces, the lock housing and the lock core. The core is the section of the lock that turns in and can actually be removed and changed using a master key and the lock housing is the part that fixes to either your cupboard or drawer. You would use a core removable lock if you wanted a large range of different keys, or if you have issues with having to change the lock keys - for example a member of staff left or you lost all the keys. For most purposes, especially in the home, you would use a fixed core, as they are one complete lock, and they are also a much cheaper solution.



Cupboard Locks available from Eurofit Direct

Here are our two most reliable cupboard locks, both of which are fixed core:



Cupboard Rabbit Lock



This 21mmm barrel drawer/cupboard lock is the perfect affordable solution for protecting your files in the office or any other important equipment and also and ideal easy to fit product for use within the home too.  It is known as a rabbit lock as it has 2 ears to screw in to connect to the back of the door.

Simply drill a 21mm hole in the cupboard door to attach the lock, and then screw the back on -  then add the strike plate to the other door or cupboard frame, and you have a complete lock solution for your cabinet. This product also comes complete with two keys and the strike plate needed.


Eurofit D18 Cupboard Door Lock




Our Eurofit D18 Cupboard Door lock has an 18mm diameter barrel. It comes complete with a strong lock and is supplied with two folding keys. This Eurofit cupboard lock is for right hand hinged doors and is a simple to fit option for any cabinet. The 18mm barrel is a fixed core, so all the lock is one unit, and it fits by simply drilling the 18mm hole to push the lock through, and then with 4 screws screw on to the back of the door.      


How to Fit a Cupboard Lock

Both of the fixed core cupboard locks shown here are simple to fit, so here is our simple guide on how to fit a cupboard lock. First you drill a hole through the door for the lock to push through, then secure the back of the lock to the door.  You then line up the strike plate onto the other door or the cupboard frame and you have a secure locking option for your cabinet. These locks come compelte with fitting instructions, as well as offering a line drawing on the product pages, to show you all the measurements you need to fit it accurately. If you do need some help installing any of our cupboard locks take a look at this handy short YouTube video we have found, it covers how to install a simple lock on wooden doors.



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