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We offer a range of Cupboard Stays ideal for kitchen and office furniture, as well as homes and caravans. Stays are designed to hold open doors, lids etc, and come in a variety of functions from soft close to lift assist.

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Kitchen Cupboard Stays - These stays are typically used for lift-up, upward-opening cupboard doors. Some of these include a built-in soft close feature.


Toy Box & Lid Stays - These stays are used to hold a lid in the open position, they include a soft close and list assist feature to improve the safety of box. We have a helpful calculator on the website, you can use to determine what stay is the best for you.


Bureau Cabinet Stays - Bureau stays are designed to support a drop down flap in a horizontal position. We offer them with a range of features, including soft opening and self closing. We have a helpful calculator that can be used to see what stay will be the most suitable.


TV Cabinet Stays - TV cabinet stays are used in cabinets that have a flap for consoles, they will support it in the position.


Gas Strut Stays - These are designed to be used on upward-lifting doors. They will be held in an open position and will soft close back down. We have a calculator that you can use to find the most appropriate strut.


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