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10 DIY Pallet Projects

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10 DIY Pallet Projects


Re-using pallets and transforming them into chic, stylish furniture is becoming very popular. Each masterpiece is completely unique, making your furniture entirely individual as well as functional. With a wide selection of pallet projects ranging from home cinemas to mug racks, it’s fun and cheap for anyone to take on, so get your hands on some pallets and try some of these amazing projects at home...



 1. Cinema - Taking a trip to the cinema nowadays can be quite costly so why not build your own? Tiered seating allows plenty of friends to view the screen without any obstructions. This is simply achieved by stacking the pallets and then securing them into place using screws. What’s more, the seating and its arrangement can be crafted to fit your selected room and design. To finish off, simply paint with your chosen colour and match with comfy pillows. The slots in the pallets provide the perfect opportunity to insert LED lights which will give you the full cinematic experience.



 2. Office - Pallets can be used in alternative ways to form different desk styles, allowing you to create one that best suits you. This desk project from 1001 Pallets is probably one of the simplest, it consists of two pallets stood upright to support the desk top. As well as a desk, pallets can be used to create most office furnishings such as book shelving and even a chair.




 3. Bed - If your headboard or frame are quite outdated then the cheaper, yet more stylish replacement solution is making it from pallets. For the base, secure the pallets together using metal brackets and stack them to match the height that you want. Additional modifications can be made to the bed, such as adding storage draws underneath as well as attaching castor wheels to the bottom which will allow you to effortlessly move your bed. It is recommended that the pallets for the bed are well prepared in order to prevent splintering and would ideally benefit from a coat of paint.



 4. Pet Bed - If you’re making a pallet bed for yourself then you might as well make one for your pet. Whatever size or breed your fury friend may be, the pallets can be easily customised to match your desired size, shape and colour. For an average sized pet bed, you will only need one pallet and a comfy pillow. Don’t forget, animals are a lot more sensitive to chemicals than us so be careful when treating the wood! For more tips on this pallet project, visit 1001 Pallets.




 5. Kitchen Island - This pallet project allows you to achieve the desirable industrial kitchen look. Depending on what structure you use to create the island, to avoid items falling through the pallet’s slots, we recommend that a level, hard sheet of material is placed over the top. This will also provide a sturdy surface to make the island as useful as possible. The space on the interior provides a vast amount of storage. In addition, shelving can be added for those smaller items, depending upon your personal preference.



 6. Coffee Table - Amongst the endless ideas, the coffee table is one of the most popular pallet projects. It’s cheap, easy and is not time consuming. Not forgetting an amazing centre attraction for your lounge. This design from 1001 Pallets consists of just two pallets supported by wooden legs. Castors are then added to the underside of the table allowing ultimate movability. See our article: DIY Project in Focus: Up-cycle Your Own Pallet Coffee Table. For a complete guide on building it from scratch.



7. Planters - It’s obvious that there’s a wide variety of pallet projects for indoor furnishings, but pallets are just as handy for outdoors too. Simply line the pallet with a bin bag to contain the soil then add your plant for a unique way to display your plants. As the plant rack is for outdoors it is important that the pallet is properly treated in order to prevent rotting.




 8. Mini/ Tiki Bar - Another fun addition to the garden is a bar. It’s a great asset for those summer garden parties and impressing all your friends. Accessorise your bar with lights and other outdoor decorations as well as brightening it up with your choice of colour. Don’t forget to treat the wood to avoid rotting!



 9. Coffee Mug Rack - Creating this rustic feature for your kitchen will take you no time at all and is very straightforward as little modifications are to be made. This simple pallet project consists of just one pallet with multiple hooks screwed on so you can display your mugs. Personalise it by choosing your preferred style of hooks and chose from a wide range of finishes to compliment your kitchen. 



 10. Ceiling Light - All that is needed for this project is one pallet, light pendant sockets and some mason jars. Alternatively, you could use any lampshade that would complement the room’s décor. To make sure that the pallet can suspend securely from the ceiling, it will need to be slightly cut down so that it is not too heavy. It’s an innovative design for the ceiling light and is certainly unique.



For more inspiration, tips and ideas for pallet projects, check out 1001 Pallets!

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