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From Scrap Items to Sleek and Modern Furniture Using Hairpin Legs

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From Scrap Items to Sleek and Modern Furniture Using Hairpin Legs
By upcycling old furniture, we can reduce the need for raw materials in new appliances. In a world where people are becoming increasingly conscious their global footprint, it has never been more important to do our bit for the environment. By recycling we can add a new lease of life to vintage or dated pieces, reduce the consumption of resources and contribute to dealing with global warming. Here at Eurofit we have found that by simply adding hairpin legs to several old furniture pieces you can achieve a sleek, modern look without forking out for new applications.

 1. The Pallet Conversion


Got any old wooden pallets lying around the home or workplace that are going to waste? Why not convert them into a vinyl’s record storage unit? Simply saw the pallets into the appropriate sizes, glue together, sand down until smooth and finish with a lacquer. Adding hairpin legs gives a modern look and raises the level of the shelf for easy access.


 2. The Suitcase Conversion


(Source: Pinterest)

An old suitcase can be restored and given a new lease of life as a small coffee table. The suitcase can be repainted and given a finish if required, however a worn suitcase provides a vintage look. This a great alternative to a store-bought unit and offers a significant amount more storage. Adding hairpin legs can elegantly lift the suitcase to an accessible height.


3. The Tree Stump Conversion

(Source: Pinterest)                       (Source: Pinterest)

Any old trees that need chopping down can be remade into anything from a full dining set, to bedside tables. Simply saw the stump into the appropriate measurements; sand the table surface to smoothen an even it out and apply a lacquer to finish.  A glass plate or epoxy resin could be placed over any holes in the wood and finished with a lacquer. Hairpin legs could turn this cut of wood into a coffee table or even a nightstand.


4. The Converted Door

(Source: maggieoverbystudios)

Converting old wooden doors into tables can be very easy to do. Simply take an old door, cut it down into the desired measurements and sand down to smoothen. The door can be finished with a lacquer or even left unfinished. Then add some hairpin legs to subtly lift the table to the appropriate height. This is by far the easiest conversion and shows just how simple, yet effective upcycling scrap items can be.


We hope that this article has inspired you to give a new lease of life to your old/scrap items. We would love to see how any of our products have been used in this way, which is why we ask all our customers to email graphics of their projects over to


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