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Convert your Shed into a Kids Playhouse!

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Convert your Shed into a Kids Playhouse!


 There’s hours of fun to be had with a playhouse. Your kids will have their own outdoor den which can be decorated however they wish! If your unused shed is in good condition, there’s nothing stopping you from transforming it into a kiddies paradise.


Playhouses encourage kids to play outside and offer shelter when the weather turns. Allowing them to personalize their own mini-home makes it a precious memory and gives them a sense of independence. We’ve rounded up the top tips to consider when converting your shed into an awesome playden!



garden shed playhouse kids diy

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  • Add Windows for light. You can also make windows safer for little ones by installing our Window Restrictors.
  • To make the floor a safe play area, you can lay down Comfy Carpeting or laminate the floor.
  • Kit the house out with Mini Furniture such as shelving, a mini set of drawers or cupboards to stow away their toys, games and books. (Crafting furniture? See our wide range of Hinges, Stays and Runners)


 kids playhouse diy garden shed

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  • For older kids, sanding down the walls and adding lick of paint should be suitable enough. However if you’re keen to add stability or insulation, Wall Coverings are a great option. They will also support shelving and hanging decorations (See Shelving, Hook and Eyes)


    • Personalize the Door: For smaller children, you could add a handle that’s closer to their height. Options include Sliding Bars, Tee Hinges and Locks. You could also add a Letter Plate for a grown-up look!
    • We recommend adding Ventilation to your wooden playhouse. Ventilation keeps the air fresh for your kids and stops mold from damaging the playhouse. (Browse our range of Plastic Vents).


    diy garden shed playhouse

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    If your shed is unsuitable, why not build a brand new playhouse for the kids? Playhouses are considered ‘permitted developments’ so they don’t need planning permission and this way you can decide the best location for it. Head over to B&Q's Blog which covers building a playhouse from scratch.



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