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Kitchen Envy: 8 Designs We Had to Share

| Kitchen Knowledge

ultra modern kitchen

Our Favourite Kitchens


Everyone has their own vision of their ‘dream kitchen’, whether it’s a traditional number or one which embraces all the latest technology with a futuristic style. We’ve put together 8 of our favourite designs, ranging from the rustic classic to the ultra-modern kitchens full of the latest high tech gadgetry.


1) The Future’s Bright: Our first kitchen on this list is a futuristic marvel, built around a centre made from recycled aluminium and stainless steel. The kitchen’s centrepiece includes a large seamless sink, a four-burner cooktop as well as bottle and knife holders alongside plenty of storage space and room to cook. It also houses a control panel that controls lights and music throughout the rest of the house.


modern white and chrome kitchen


2) Home Comforts: Next on the list we have this pretty unusual rustic style kitchen that features LED light fixtures hanging from the top of the ceiling. The kitchen walls are made of authentic stone and the cabinets from knotty alder, with the whole kitchen bringing together a very “natural” feel.


rustic kitchen stone walls


3) High-Tech Time: This kitchen’s built-in gadgets include a docking station for electronic devices, a dog-feeding station so that you don’t have to get involved with the mess and smell of tinned dog food, a programmable backsplash that can change colours as well as a microwave with a built-in crisping function to use with chips, biscuits etc. The kitchen also has an audio-visual connection to other rooms of the house so someone in the kitchen can watch the same movies or listen to the same music as someone two rooms away watching TV.


clean white minimal kitchen


4) Simple Star: This kitchen doesn’t have the unusual features of the others but it really stuck out in our minds as an example of how even a small kitchen can be made to look fantastic and interesting, the designers have used the limited space available to them to create a great classic look with a traditional free standing oven and hob as well as an old fashioned take on the very popular kitchen island trend.


traditional white kitchen


5) Baker’s Paradise: The creative blackboard backsplash is easily the highlight of this next kitchen - perfect for cooking or baking from a recipe. The traditional rustic woodwork adds that finishing touch, giving the whole kitchen an earthy feel to it.


rustic wooden kitchen


6) Kitchen of the World: This is another quirky naturalistic kitchen that really stood out, with various intricate designs carved into the lumber and flowing, soft shapes and minimal edges have been used to great effect to create an unusual but highly functional kitchen space.


traditional naturalistic kitchen


7) Ultimate Kitchen: To finish off this list we’ve picked out an extravagant example of the outdoor kitchen trend that’s sweeping warmer parts of the world (though sadly not our own rain-prone isles). An outdoor pool with built in waterfalls accompanies this covered outdoor kitchen featuring a fully equipped grilling area, oven, fridge, dining area and even an open fire/wood oven.


ultra modern open plan kitchen


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