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What Makes My Kitchen Better Than Yours?

| Kitchen Knowledge

What Makes My Kitchen Better Than Yours?

How to improve your kitchen


For any budding chef or kitchen fanatic the Kitchen is the most important room in the house. Therefore, we take pride into making sure it impresses all the guests into our homes and is a positive cooking area combined with social area. We take a look into our top 5 tips and tricks to making your Kitchen perfect and allows you to boast with confidence and say  “My Kitchen’s Better than Yours”.


Paint and Decorating 

Firstly we start off with one of the simplest and most obvious solutions to create a ‘stand-out’ Kitchen. Adding a light colour to your kitchen can give the room a sense of increased space as well as allowing you to hide scratches, dings and dents in your cabinets that would be costly to replace. If you’re looking to vamp up your kitchen on a budget, this is a must. 


Make the lighting in your kitchen the main discussion point. In 2015 the trend at the moment is industrial lighting that drops down from the roof. This also produces an ample amount of light for the whole room as well as giving the most used room in your house some personality. As well as industrial lighting, we think installing small LED lights under your cabinets allows your kitchen to look tech savvy, as well as mixing well with the retro look of industrial lighting.

New Fittings

This is an issue we at Eurofit specialize in. New kitchen fittings can impress and often handles on doors can get in the way and make your kitchen look bulky and out of shape. Installing touch-to-open adaptors for your kitchen cupboards will give your kitchen a modern, clean finish. Adding some soft close hinges also is a popular enhancement to your kitchen, preventing slamming and allowing the door to close quietly and smoothly. It also the perfect solution for you to go for a midnight snack and not get caught!

Kitchen Island

A most have in all modern kitchens! An island is the perfect improvement that transforms the kitchen from a place just to cook, into a social area where people can eat and stay in your impressive kitchen. This ultimate pivot point can be customized as you wish, with some popular ideas involving more food-prep zones and a breakfast bar. It can potentially be a pricey addition to your kitchen, but we think it’s worth it! 

Tech Savvy

Part of having an impressive kitchen is about having the latest technology and gadgets fitted into your kitchen. Having devices that ‘do the job for you’ and embrace human laziness is a bonus in any situation! It’s a good way to show off to visitors and can improve quality of the meals you produce.



At the end of the day the most important thing to consider is that you are happy in your kitchen and you can easily say “I enjoy spending time socializing and cooking in my kitchen”. Everyone’s interpretation of a ‘perfect kitchen’ will vary, but it is your own opinion that matters the most.

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