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Why are Eurofit going on a work retreat?

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Why are Eurofit going on a work retreat?

On Friday the 20th the Eurofit Team are going on a work retreat and team-building exercise to Dublin! So far this year we have been performing very well and as a result of this to celebrate our hard efforts the directors are taking the team to Dublin for a retreat and team-building exercise.



We are leaving our height adjustable desks behind us on Thursday night and flying off to sunny (we hope) Dublin on Friday morning. We’ll arrive there mid-morning and spend 2 days exploring the local culture and atmosphere before flying back on Sunday night, then return to work on Monday the 23rd. However, as we are going with the whole team there will be no one working in the office and warehouse from Friday-Sunday; furthermore, if you’re planning on ordering on Thursday night or anytime Friday, please be aware that your expected delivery date will be affected (please see the image attached for more information about expected delivery).



You’ll hear from us again about our wonderful work retreat when we’re back from Dublin, in a blog post all about it.



We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and if you have any further questions about how your order may be effect don’t hesitate to call 01482 714488 or email us at before 3:30 on Thursday the 19th of September. 


Written by Emillie Ayre- Marketing Apprentice @Eurofit 

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