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Furniture Handles - A closer look at Furniture Handles


Styles of Furniture Handles


Furniture handles are an essential component of modern furniture, found in kitchens, offices and bedrooms and as a result come in a variety of shapes and styles ranging from traditional designs used on solid hardwood furniture through to more contemporary designs used in modern office and kitchen spaces.

Sleek, modern styles are currently very popular in a variety of settings, kitchens and offices around the world sport simple, stylish aluminium designs across a range of furniture types. Current trends are towards using a similar style across various different types of furniture, desks, doors and cupboards using the same style of handle in different sizes to suit each particular item, creating a smart, coherent look across the furniture range. To this end Eurofit Direct supplies handles in a variety of measurements in each style to use with cupboards, drawers and doors.



Uses for Our Furniture Handles


Our extensive range of furniture handles are suitable for use in a variety of environments and furniture items. These include but are not limited to:

Kitchen - Furniture handles are a standard part of the modern kitchen, used on the vast majority of storage furniture found in kitchens. Contemporary kitchens benefit from sleek, metallic handles such as our 224mm Bow Handle with brushed nickel finish which give a modern and stylish look to any piece of furniture.

Office - While often more practical than stylish, handles are equally important in the modern office space. Office handles tend towards a practical yet modern style. Our 127mm D Handle with brushed nickel finish is a great example of a simple and clean look for office furniture handles.

Bedroom - Bedrooms provide a pleasant contrast to the ultra-modern style of office and kitchen spaces, simple styles are still popular but more traditional handle designs alongside hardwood furniture are a staple in bedroom furnishing. A great example is our 180mm Pull Handle with antique pewter finish.



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