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Furniture Locks - Which Furniture Lock is Right for you?


Furniture locks are a great addition to storage that you would like to add a little extra security to. At Eurofit we stock a range of different locks suitable for various furniture types. We have three major categories for our furniture locks:


Cupboard Locks


These simply offer a locking facility to a cupboard door, often used in office furniture cabinets, these locks can either be fixed core - where the whole lock is one unit with a separate key – or as core removable - where the lock housing is separate to the lock core and keys.



Pedestal Locks


As it says on the tin really, a pedestal lock is designed to work on a pedestal unit, or otherwise known as a mobile drawer unit that sits under or alongside an office desk. These locks can be either core removable or fixed core, and they can work alongside locking bars to lock multiple drawers with one lock at the top of the unit.



Drawer Locks


These can be found in larger office furniture drawer units, or used simply in bedroom furniture to add a lock to a single drawer, like a dresser unit or vanity unit, for added security for jewellery drawers etc. They are generally fixed core units, but they can be core removable for office furniture to work with the same lock systems as any pedestal and cupboard locks you might also have in an office.



Within these three categories we have two main types of lock:


Fixed Core Locks


A fixed core lock is simply a fully complete lock, with matching separate keys. The core is fixed inside the housing as one unit, which means the numbered keys that come with it will only ever work on the matching lock, although master keys are still available for them. These types of locks are a lot cheaper than core removable locks but they offer less flexibility. They are often found in home furniture as the need for the core removable feature isn’t really necessary. Our fixed core locks include:

Eurofit D18 Locks - our standard 18mm barrel diameter locks offered with 300 different key numbers all under one master key, available as both cupboard and pedestal locks.

Eurofit D16 Locks - our standard 16.5mm barrel diameter locks offered with 300 different key numbers all under one master key, available as both cupboard and pedestal locks.



Core Removable Locks


Core removable locks are different to fixed core because the lock housing unit that fixes to the cupboard/drawer has a hollow chamber for the lock core to fit into. The lock core has a number that matches the key, but the good thing about core removable locks is that this core can be replaced with one that has another number with ease. This has the added benefit of allowing housings to be fitted without having to install the cores until the furniture is on site and workstations can be suited accordingly. A good example of core removable systems at work is if you have an office with a couple of cupboards and a couple of drawers for each member of staff. Each member of staff can have 1 key that works with all their locks. Should that staff member leave of move offices, using a core removing key you can simply replace the cores in the locks to another key number and the locks are all secure again.



Core Removable Locks continued...


To go alongside this system you get a master key so for example the office manager wanted to get into a drawer unit that is locked and the staff member was on holiday, they could use the master key to gain access to any of the locks. Our core removable locks include:

BMB Core Removable Locks, - this range of locks comes with 600 different key numbers as standard with master keys available for each 200 differs as well as a grand master key for the entire 600 range. A further 400 differs are available subject to lead time. Locks are also available in keyed alike sets, meaning that all of the locks in the set have the same key code. Available as cupboard, pedestal and drawer locks. To find out more details on the BMB core removable system click here



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